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The Practice Brave Podcast

Jul 28, 2023

Today, I have Heather join me as we talk about what our life and fitness is like post-babies and what we think a well-rounded fitness program for women should look like for a lifetime of athleticism.

We strongly believe that athleticism does not end when motherhood begins, OR after we’re done having our babies,...

Jul 19, 2023

Recently, I had a complaint about my Pregnant Athlete Training Program that the workouts repeated and that it lacked variation. That’s the point - we test and retest and same basic movements over time to make progress and gain strength.

Programming for a lifetime of athleticism isn’t about randomized, all...

Jul 12, 2023

Today, I chat with professional triathlete Lara Gruden all about her pregnancy as an elite athlete and her plans for returning postpartum. Lara has an incredible sense of athletic maturity and has chosen the path of intention over intensity. She sees the big picture and is grateful for the opportunity of growth this...